The meaning of ATIPAX in Quechua language is "powerful", "triumphant". The Quechuas gave this name to Andean condors, and by means of this word Gabriel wanted to express the strength of this dream. During the last vivid years he was immersed in the incredible world of wines. He always had in mind the need to achieve his dream; he wanted to fill a bottle of wine with all the knowledge gathered over the years. Throught ATIPAX, he wishes to make his dream come true..

Thank you, Inés.


Familia Braconi B

It is a family business founded by Angel Gabriel Braconi in 2004. Its pricipal activity is the wine, his mission, make premium wines, his goal to please the wine consumer, its commitment to ensure the quality of their products. Braconi graduated from the School of Enology and industry Frutihortícola Don Bosco. He forged his experience working in world-class wineries. He traveled the world to interiorizarce world wine scene. He participated in graduate seminars congresses, fairs. It is international jury. He received awards for their wines in various global and national wine competitions.

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Atipax wines are produced in Argentina, in the province of Mendoza, next to the Andes. Region known for its excellence in soil and climate for vine, with an altitude of 1100-1380 meters above sea level. Considered one of the major wine regions of the world, it is because of this and the natural beauty of this land that was chosen as the site for the project.


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